The Orion Twin Tandem Cycle
Orion Twin Tandem Bicycle

Orion The New Twin Tandem Cycle

The revolutionary design of the ORION enables you to go on a bike ride with your friends or family members. Bike riding has entered a new dimension with the duo-recumbent tricycle, ORION. No balancing is necessary and this 3-wheeler allows you to be mobile and enjoy cycling regardless of any limitations or age. The driver and the passenger side-by-side and can engage in conversation and enjoy recreational fun together!

Recumbent cycling puts less stress on your back, knees and hips. This is super beneficial to people with arthritis. The ergonomic seating with lumbar support ensures a super cozy ride. Read the benefits of recumbent cycling here!

ORION comes in a manual version or a motorized electric pedal assist version. Imagine the sensation of the wind blowing in your face and the thrill of riding in the countryside or through the city park on such a "neat" machine!

Read more about the Orion Twin Tandem Cycle here!

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