The Orion Twin Tandem Cycle
The City Trike

Orion The New Twin Tandem Cycle

Riding a bicycle is enjoyable for all ages. We started when we were kids and remember zipping down hills without any fear. As we all get order we sometimes we lose the confidence in riding a bike. Simply because of the fear of having an accident, losing your balance and falling. The consequences can be sever so we hold back, avoiding the simple pleasures of riding a bicycle, until now!

The City Trike with its revolutionary 3 wheel design and drive system is a game changer! Designed and made in Holland, the The City Trike's low center of gravity provides stability, allowing you to feel safe and secure.

Whether it’s a short ride to the market, around the neighborhood, exploring a bike path or in town; the The City Trike will to get you outside, enjoying a healthy, active lifestyle the once again!

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The City Trike

The City Trike

The City Trike

The City Trike

City Trike Design

The unique rear axle differential splits the rear axle and shifts the power to the outside rear wheel when making a turn. This results in unmatched stability and makes The City Trike a very tip-resistant tricycle with only a 5 ft. turning radius!!

Drive Options

The City Trike is available with several drive options:

  1. Single fixed drive
  2. Single fixed drive with coaster brake
  3. Single fixed drive with reverse pedaling
  4. 8 speed Drive with freewheel
  5. 8 speed Drive freewheel with coaster brake
  6. 8 speed with automatic reverse pedaling
  7. Power Assist Motor

The City Trike is available with a pedal assisted motor and a rechargeable Li-Ion battery (incl. charger) with 3 power settings.

It is possible to ride The City Trike without the motor being turned on. With the motor turned on hills or strong headwinds are no longer a problem. Max 20 mph and 30 mi range!

Trike Accessories

The City Trike offers a variety of special accessories available to custom fit your needs. Ask about our custom colors! Specialty handlebars, special seats, pedals and even a back support with a belt are available. See our price list to available accessories.

Trike Sizes

The City Trike is available in 2 different sizes for rider as small as 4ft 10” to riders well above 6ft.

Technical Specifications in inches City 22" City 24"
Length 62.8 66.1
Width 27.0 29.5
Weight 58 lb. 60 lb.
Crank Length 4.9 5.9
Inner Leg Length 26.8 - 34.6 28.3 - 36.2
Height Saddle to floor min 29.5 min 31.1
Step-in length frame 20.5 22.0
Step-in height frame 12.0 12.6
Height adjustable handle bar 9.8 9.8
Width of handlebar 19.7 19.7
Max Diver Weight 286 lb. 286 lb.
Tire Size Front 22 x 1 3/8 24 x 1 3/8
Tire Size Back 20 x 1.3 20 x 1.3
Turning Radius 60 61

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